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What are the benefits of Facial Massage?

Facial Massge, it can be relaxing, stimulating, sculping and comforting. But why has this ancient practice stood the test of time and become part of so many different cultures? Lets have a chat about what are the benefits of facial masssge.

We are often told that facial massage stimulates circulation. Why is that important? Let me tell you.... The build up of lymph can sometimes be quite visable on the face. The skin can feel dull or grey, puffiness may be present. Many lymph vessels are close to the skins surface. Sweeping & concentrated wave tecniques stimulate the lympahtic system, encouraging better lymphatic drainage. Circulating lympth can help the skin regain a healthy appearance. Massaging the face also brings oxygen rich blood to the surface, giving your skin vital energy and nutrients.

When our muscles remain tense over an extended amount of time or muscles and fascia can become fixed in place. This can cause oxygen supply and vital nutrient delivery to be reduced and effective cell waste removal by the lympth may also be hampered.

Whether it be due to stress or ingrained habits (I definately squint when driving!) this kind of tension needs to be released.

So how can we ease the tension and aid in the delivery of oxygen rich blood and lymph to and from your tissues and muscles? Facial Massage of course! You can start to see why it is often compared to a work-out!

Just like an exercise session, Facial Massage tones the facial muscles whilst reducing tension and habitually held expressions. Massage stimilates and improves oxygen and nutrient supply through the blood & lymph, reducing fluid retention and rejuvenating both the skin and facial muscles.

Feeling stressed out? Relaxation helps our nervous system to regulate our both our mind and body. Gentle, repetitive & targeted movements during facial massage both calm and soothe. The inclusion of facial acupressure points * may help to free the flow of energy. All of these techniques can induce a rapid relaxation response, which in turn encourages an overall feeling of balance. Leaving you to feel reseted and instill a sense of wellbeing.

Hello, you are positively glowing!

You can book a Facial where Facial Massage is main event HERE

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* Please note that, those who are pregnant or have high blood pressure should not have Acupressure Point Therapy.

Elizabeth Charlton is an experienced and passionate Facialist based in Cambridge. She created Hada Holistic Skin Therapies to hold space for facial treatments with a holistic edge. Treatments are booked through Emma Kenny Therapies, where you can book an appointment on alternate Sundays and Mondays.


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