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What is a Bespoke Facial?

Bespoke is a word that is seen a lot in the treatment world, but what does that actually mean? How is a Hada Facial truly bespoke to you?

At Hada Therapies, it starts from the very begining. During our time together, we will sit down and discuss your current lifestyle, how you are feeling and what your current skincare routine is.

I'll also ask about how you feel about your wonderful skin and what was your motivation to book an appointment.

All these little details guide me on what will be best for you, on the day.

Whether it be for pure relaxation or you want a sculpting massage, we will discuss that and I will use my skill set to curate a bespoke and intuitive treatment just for you.

Forehead tension? I got you.

Eye strain? I know a few moves to help.

Love a scalp massage? Fab, me too!

You don't want your face covered, that's absolutely fine.

During a treatment I may blend a masque for you. It's fresh, it's both calming and hydrating. It's tailored specifically to your needs on the day. I love using aloe as a base and work from there with a host of skin nourishing ingredients. However if you need a deep cleanse, a creaming clay base can be applied instead.

Hydration is key. I never let a masque dry out on the skin. This can cause irritation. I apply a natural gauze mask, saturated in either distilled aqua or a floral hydrolate. This also activates the masque treatment further.

The masque is then massaged using different techniques to aid absorption. I may use a few select tools, however skilled hands work best.

Bespoke is a word used a lot. I pride myself on being confident that I can use it to its full potential and meaning.

You can book a Facial where the time is truly tailored to you HERE

To find out more about the Hada Facial Treatment Menu click HERE

Got a question, get in contact with Elizabeth HERE

Elizabeth Charlton is an experienced and passionate Facialist based in Cambridge. She created Hada Holistic Skin Therapies to hold space for facial treatments with a holistic edge. Treatments are booked through Emma Kenny Therapies, where you can book an appointment on alternate Sundays and Mondays.


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