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What is the life cycle of a facial?

Facial treatments of any kind are an investment and you may be wondering how long the effects of facial massage therapies last and how to the get most out of the investment your have made to yourself and to your skin. When you have a facial treatment with Hada Therapies we work together on what your skin goals are and how you can confidently fit in a routine at home that works for you. Whether this be suggestions on skincare that is suitable for skin or perhaps a facial massage routine curated with you in mind. Check out the info-graphic below and you will have all the information your need!



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Elizabeth Charlton is an experienced and passionate Facialist based in Cambridge. She created Hada Holistic Skin Therapies to hold space for facial treatments with a holistic edge. Treatments are booked through Emma Kenny Therapies, where you can book an appointment on alternate Sundays and Mondays.

The life cycle of a facial  immediately afterwards The afterglow, for up to 48 hours after your facial massage your skin will be looking visibly hydrated, radiant and absolutely glowing. This is because we have de-puffed through lymphatic drainage, boost your circulation which has brought nutrients to the top most layer of the skin and have brought your glow from within to the surface. three to six days after your facial Your skin’s circulation has been boosted and working towards its optimum, your skin should be looking and feel healthy. Some breakouts may be brought to the surface, this is normal, especially as facial massage aids in waste removal. Now it is time to exfoliate and spot treat if needed.  one to three weeks after your facial Your skin's cell turnover cycle has been boosted and heading towards its completion. Your skin should still be feeling the effects of your facial. four to six weeks later Your new skin cells have now benefited from your last facial and have now gone through a whole turnover cycle. It is now time to check in with how you are feeling and what your skin is telling you. Begin to think about when you will be scheduling your next facial treatment. Firstly, it is always important to respect your budget, for maintenance anywhere from every 4 weeks to making time each season will have a benefit. If you have some skin goals that you wish to work on, it may be recommended that a series of treatments booked closely together will give optimum results. Regardless of your booking schedule, Working together we can create a skincare routine, including facial massage you do at home in between treatments. Consistency is key and finding something suitable and sustainable for you is just as important as the actual facial treatments.

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