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Natural Face Lift Massage in Cambridge

Natural Face Lift Massage - Facial Rejuvenation was the second training course that I enrolled in and is actually an in depth diploma and truly become the piece of the missing puzzle for my own view on skincare, skin health and ageing gratefully. The power behind the techniques that I learned could really be seen on the face and felt throughout the body.

So, what is the method that has inspired my own practice?

Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Face Lift Massage™ is a gentle, non-invasive approach that draws on both ancient and modern massage practices. Natural Face lift Massage ™ uses specific, repetitive finger and hand movements to work on underlying facial muscles. Tension is released from the muscles of the face, neck and scalp. These techniques can help smooth the skin, whilst bringing a natural bounce and glow back to the complexion. Minimal skincare is used during the skin lifting massage, with a moisturising cleanse and a sweep of soothing rose toner the skin is prepped and ready for massage without an oil.

Facial massage also allows space to de-stress, which can induce a sense of contentment and overall calm.

This method of facial rejuvenation massage also works on skin structure, easing restrictions and bringing a lift to the face. The skin is mainly made up of connective tissue, this tissue is formed from fibres of proteins such as collagen and elastin. These fibres weave together to form a very flexible web-like structure. Over time these fibres begin to lock and fix together, causing the skin to lose some of its mobility. Facial Rejuvenation Massage helps to release tissues, gently, softly and naturally allowing connective tissues to regain mobility and flexibility. This results in an instant feeling of freedom to the face, muscles are relaxed, you somehow feel lighter. 

Massage as a practice, whether it be face or body, has also been shown to boost the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells and antibodies. This strengthens bodily defences, aiding in resistance to disease and inflammation. 

Fun fact!

Natural Face lift Massage ™ - Facial Rejuvenation was brought to the UK by Narenda and Kundan Mehta - founders of London Centre of Indian Champissage (my training has now been renamed The Mehta Face lift). 

It was the very first course that I felt a big pull towards. I was fortunate enough and feel very privileged to have trained closely with former FHT Vice President and Master Tutor Mary Dagleish in this practice. I loved it so much that I honed my skills and returned to London to work one to one with Mary so that I could really master the the skill needed to use these advanced techniques.

Mary has now retired, I looked back so fondly on the time spent with her and some other inspirational women, paving the way in holistic facial therapies.

When performed by a skill practitioner, this massage may provide one or more of the following benefits

  • Lessens the appearance of expression lines

  • Reduces tension in surrounding muscles

  • Reduces under eye puffiness

  • Tones and firms facial muscles

  • Tightens facial contours

  • Promotes skin elasticity

  • Improves skin tone

  • Enhances supply of nutrients to skin cells

  • Promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Frees constriction in connective tissue and facial muscles

  • Encourages connective tissue to glide more smoothly

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Create a fresh glow and radiance 

  • Encourages a relaxed, more mobile appearance.

  • Can improve overall sense of wellbeing

"for a naturally lifted effect that can really be seen and felt long term, it is highly recommended you consider booking a course of treatments"

I use this training, with a host of other facial rejuvenating techniques in all of my facial offerings at Hada Therapies. All of my facials have been created with rejuvenating massage as a focus.

However, for a naturally lifted effect that can really be seen and felt long term. It is highly recommended to consider booking a course of 6-8 appointments where we commit to a weekly 60 minute treatment that focuses on Natural Face Lift Massage as a whole practice.

As you relax into your treatment I work one side of your face and neck, I then show you the effects on that side before massaging the other half of your face. You will also be given specific facial exercises to do at home in between appointments and for your own future use to build upon the accumulative results. After the course has finished, it is now time to consider scheduling a facial appointment of your choice every 4-6 weeks to maintain what we have achieved.

**Please consider this not as an anti ageing treatment but as a natural modality that aims to reeducate your facial muscles, improving overall complexion and skin tone. It will not eradicate lines ( aka beautiful signs of life lived) what I can say it that time and time again I have seen a softening of the face, giving clients release from long held tension, an undeniable natural glow of their own and an overall improvement in their own wonderful features. It brings you back to looking more like your unique self on the outside and feeling an acceptance of self within.

If you would like to experience natural face lift massage in Cambridge for your self before making the commitment to a course.....

Book in for a Facial Rejuvenation Massage with myself, Elizabeth Charlton Resident Facialist and Senior Therapist at Emma Kenny Therapies.

**Please write in the booking notes that your are interested in Natural Face Lift Massage.

You can book a Facial where Facial Massage is main event HERE 

To find out more about the Hada Facial Treatment Menu click HERE 

Got a question, get in contact with Elizabeth HERE 

Elizabeth Charlton is an experienced and passionate Facialist based in Cambridge. She created Hada Holistic Skin Therapies to hold space for facial treatments with a holistic edge. Treatments are booked through Emma Kenny Therapies, where you can book an appointment on alternate Sundays and Mondays.

Hada Therapies is nestled in the heart of Cambridge. Where Facial Massage Therapy is at the centre of every holistic facial, stimulating circulation, nourishing the skin and exercising the facial muscles. Treatments are bespoke and intuitive, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and absolutely glowing.


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